Homo Novus 2015


Princesses Don't Shit

Guna Zariņa (Riga)
30, 31 August 20.30-22.30, Vidzemes Market | Free entrance

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Until now Latvian actress Guna Zariņa has mainly worked together with directors and ensembles of different repertoire companies. Princesses Don’t Shit is her first independent solo work.
Her motivation behind this creation is described as follows:
‘I wanted to be an actress since I was a child. Most likely I wanted to play beautiful princesses. I have become an actress and for more than 20 years I have been performing very different characters. The time spent in the lockdown forced me to ask the following questions: Who are performers when they don’t perform? Who are performers when nobody is watching them? What is it that I am doing? What can I do? What are my skills? Who am I – a servant to the audience, a joker, a clown, a doctor, an interpreter? Am I allowed to not please? Am I an author? Who directs whom?’

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 please don’t attend the event if you feel sick, recently have travelled abroad, have been in contact with Covid-19 patient or have to self-isolate!

About artist

Guna Zariņa is one of the most diverse and talented acctresses in Latvian theatre. Since 1997 she is part of New Riga Theatre ensemble, has worked in Riga Russian Theatre, Dirty Deal Teatro, National Theatre, Gogol Centre Moscow, independent theatre and music projects, as well as in film.


Author and performer: Guna Zariņa
Artist: Monika Pormale
Lights: Oskars Pauliņš
Sound: Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs
Production: Ieva Briede, New Theatre Institute of Latvia

Image: Monika Pormale, Jānis Deinats

30, 31



Vidzemes Market

Free entrance


In Latvian




Vidzemes Market

Open-air performance

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